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Oh Boy Artifacts on Utility and Indulgence

Oh Boy Artifacts


One-hundred twenty, blank, 3.625 × 5.5-inch pages sewn into a softcover book with lay-flat binding; pages are micro-perforated at the gutter and upper corner and can be removed cleanly, and dogeared neatly to keep your place; fitted with a 0.5-inch black elastic band. Available in four cover/end sheet combinations.

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  • Coffee with Bramble Plaid end sheets

  • Coffee with Gigot end sheets

Oh Boy Artifacts by Dave Salanitro

Oh Boy Artifacts for Reading and Writing | The Journal

You call it sleep; we spell it  L  A  Z  Y. Get up and get out. Meet someone new and remember her name the next day. Use Oh Boy Artifacts journals to record all of your nocturnal endeavors. Generations will thank you for the memories—and the laughs.

Five-hundred blank, case-bound sheets with a protective polypropylene-coated cover. Available in 12 patterns and 6 solids with complementary end sheets.

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360 Degree Lay Flat Binding and Other Appointments

Oh Boy Artifacts for Reading and Writing | The Notebook

Passing notes to old flames during ‘important’ meetings and making grocery lists at ‘sensitivity training’ seminars are excellent examples of maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Use these pages to record quarterly earnings and quick witted quips, watch dreamy what-ifs turn into actionable to-dos. Trust Oh Boy Artifacts to guide you to your grand life plan and next promotion.

Our premium paper notebooks comprise 100 chrome Wire-O™ bound bright white, light grey lined pages, between  hardback protective polypropylene-coated covers. Available in 18 styles.

Oh Boy Artifacts for Reading and Writing | Greeting Cards

No need to feel bad when you don’t have the cash or inclination to buy a proper gift, you can always muster a few words. Forgo the card rack at the grocery store. Give the gift of good grammar.
Thirty-six patterned 5 × 7-inch patterned greeting cards bound into a French folded book and perforated for easy access. Four of 9 styles per book with envelopes.

Oh Boy Artifacts for Reading and Writing | Stationery

Drop a line, surely someone will hear. It’s time you let loose your true feelings. Don’t hold back, these sheets can take it. Love notes, how-d’-dos, Dear Johns, and restraining orders. There is no gift more cherished than a limited edition postage stamp and nothing says, ‘I don’t give a damn’ like postage due.

Twelve individual letter forms, each with peel and stick seals, and perforated for easy access, per package. Available in nine styles.

Accolades (50 Awards)

2002 AAF National ADDY Silver Certificate of Excellence winner; 2002 Regional ADDY Best in Show and Gold Certificate of Excellence winner; 2002 Local ADDY Silver Certificate of Excellence winner; Communication Arts’ 42nd Annual Design and Advertising Award winner; Communication Arts’ 43rd Annual Design and Advertising Award winner; HOW’s 2002 International Design competition Outstanding Achievement Award winner; HOW’s 16th Annual Self-Promotion competition winner; Mohawk Show 4 Best in Show winner; 2001 New York International Gift Fair Best in Show winner; 2002 One Show Silver Award winner; Print’s A-Z Designs Top 7 winner; Print’s 2002 Regional Design Competition Best in Show winner; Step’s 2002 Year’s Best Design competition winner; Top Drawer 2001 [U.K.] Best in Show winner; 36th Annual West Coast Show Silver Award winner…

Articles (40 Titles)

Azure (November/December 2000); Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (‘It’s a Wrap’ July 29, 2001); Condé Nast Traveler (August 2001); Country Home (August 2001); Dwell (December 2002); Elle Decoration [ U.K. ] (December 2001, January 2002, February 2002); Empire (Spring 2002); Gentry (December 2001); Graphis (‘The Paper Chase’ November/December 2001); Hamptons (May 25, 2001); Homes & Gardens [ U.K. ] (December 2001); Lucky (May 2001, April 2002); LBD Interiors (August 2001); Martha ­Stewart Everyday Foods (September 2003); Martha Stewart Living (November 2001, December 2001, Special Technology Issue Winter 2001); Martha Stewart Weddings (Spring 2002); New York Magazine (December 2001); Paper City ­[ Houston ] (June 2001, September 2002); Real Simple (September 2001, November 2002); San Diego Home and Garden ­(September 2001); San Francisco Chronicle (April 28, 2001; ‘Wrap Me Up, Tie Me Down’ May 9, 2001); San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Magazine (‘Win Some’ September 30, 2001); SOMA (December 2002); Time Out New York (December 2001); Victoria (August 2001); Wallpaper* (October 2000)…

Oh Boy Artifacts for Giving and Taking | Gift Wrap

Mix and match or clash—Oh Boy Artifacts for Giving and Taking favor both the esthete and the aesthetically disinclined. Kwanza, Christmas, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, and anniversaries—wrap to impress. In the company of friends and family, at prayer or at play, under the tree or over-the-counter, Oh Boy Artifacts gift wrap is sure to be your savior, whatever your inclination.

Oh Boy Artifacts for Giving and Taking | Sealing Tape

Clear, packing, electrical, duct, masking, double-sided… Good and bad eggs everywhere are making the switch to Oh Boy Artifacts brand sealing tape. Form and function collide to stylishly stifle screams, bandage wounds and, of course seal gifts. Affix a strip to each of your cat’s paws, then sit back and watch the fun.

One 300-inch spool of 3-inch by 1-inch pressure-sensitive tape strips. Available in twelve styles.

Oh Boy Artifacts by Dave Salanitro

“Great. Really great.”—Tom Ford

“This is one of the few times where the designer has put his money where his mouth is. So many times we [designers] talk about how a job ’should’ be produced, but these guys have invested in it.”—Kit Hinrichs, Studio Hinrichs

“Artifacts are, in a word, stunning. And the company’s back-office functionality (fulfilment, promotions, customer care, marketing) demonstrate smart, savvy, vital ownership that rivals their most seasoned veterans”— Iris Fuller, Fillamento

“I’ve been admiring bits and pieces of [the Artifacts] program since late last year. It’s carried in LA’s most prestigious retail outlets such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Store. It’s a joy to see the whole line. The design is exquisitely crafted and strikes a unique balance of classical and cool.”—Petrula Vrontikis, Vrontikis Design

“We acquired the line when it first debuted and were surprised by how soon customers started asking for it by name. Artifacts has an appeal that rises above conventional demographic measures. It’s retailing at its best and it’s good design—a rare combination.”— Nancy Gross, Walker Arts Center

Design: Lindsey Adelman, Ted Bluey, Cris Logan, Ryan Mahar, Dave Salanitro, David Weeks, Hunter Wimmer, Randy Yau; Writers: Dave Salanitro, Ted Bluey, Ryan Mahar; Production: Elizabeth Cutter

Oh Boy Artifacts are notebooks, giftwrap, stationery, lampshades, and other products that are unexpected and surprising for their cockeyed beauty and elegance, crafted of the finest materials and designed with forgoing utility. Custom designs are available in quantity; email artifacts@ohboyartifacts.com.