Proceed with Care | Dave Salanitro
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Proceed with Care

The Doctors Company

“Dave Salanitro is hands down the most innovative designer with whom I have ever worked. He made an effort to understand the complexities of our business and our past marketing practices, and moved us to view ourselves anew. Where others tried to spin such a banal thing as medical malpractice insurance, Dave found the more compelling story resonated in the truth. Neither a false note nor mediocrity exists in Dave Salanitro’s portfolio.”—Dana Cooper, Director of Corporate Communications, The Doctors Company

The Doctors Company “Everybody Needs a Hero” 1999 annual report The Best of Brochure Design 6 competition winner; The Black Book’s 15th Annual AR100 Awards Show Top 100 Annuals winner; HOW’s 2001 International Design competition winner; The Mohawk Show 2 winner

The Doctors Company “Warning: Practicing Medicine May Be Dangerous to Your Livelihood” 2001 annual report The Black Book’s 17th Annual AR100 Awards Show Top Eight Illustrated and Top 100 Annuals winner; Communication Arts’ 43rd Annual Design and Advertising Award winner

Design: Ted Bluey, Dave Salanitro; Photography: Bryce Duffy; Writer: Ted Bluey, Dave Salanitro